Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Crafty Time: Lace Textured Mugs

Of course I'm Pinterest addicted and found this idea on there too.  Got the idea from Urban Comfort.  So these mugs were way easier to make than I expected.  And as usual, I took advantage of sales and discounts to make these.  These lace mugs have been quite popular with my friends.  

Materials needed:
-Lace fabric (found mine on sale at Joann's)
-Mod Podge (at any craft store, this was probably the thing I spent the most money on, and I used a coupon)
-Paint (I'm a fan of the Martha Stewart craft paint, again was on sale)
-Mugs (Dollar Tree!!! so cheap)

How to:
1.  Cut lace to fit mug.  I made mine wrap around the whole mug, but cut how your artistic eye sees fit.  
2.  Paint a layer of mod podge onto clean mug.
3.  Place lace onto mug while mod podge is still wet, and let dry.
4.  Once dry, paint layer of modge podge over the lace, and let that layer dry.
5.  Paint with desired color of paint over lace, ta da!!! cute mug!

I think it might be a good idea to add another layer of modge podge over the paint as a sealant, as I'm worried about my mugs peeling.  My lace mugs have been really loved by my friends, I would definitely recommend these!

Start to finish! love this mug.

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